What is a Digital Innovation Studio?

In today’s world, every business is a digital business, including yours. You may speak the new language of digital, but still feel ill-equipped to help your organization shine. Just when you feel like you have a handle on things and find a digital solution that was right for your business one day, it’s out of date the next. Well, that’s what we’re here to help you with.
We’re a Digital Innovation Studio that will help you stay ahead.
How do we do that, you ask? With our consulting experience in various industries, rest assured that our solutions are the result of intensive prototyping with the industry leaders, specially designed to address the business needs today. Over the years, we have consolidated our insights, best practices and the essence of which can now be found in our innovative solutions. We deliver subsequent improvements over your current processes to maximize your returns and our solutions have successfully proven themselves in boosting the performance of our satisfied customers.

What we can do for you

As a Digital Innovation Studio, we operate at the cutting edge of all things digital, which keeps you at the forefront of technology, even if you’re not a tech junkie. We’ll partner you to co-create new products to move your business forward – and we do all of this while having fun along the way. We’re a fluid, open and collaborative entity, and we embrace clients & partners as our own. Here are some of the things we can help you with on your innovation journey.
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    User-Centred Technological Solutions
    At our core, we adopt a user-centred approach to our innovations, designing innovations from your users’ point-of-view. Savant Degrees is grounded in engineering and our technology architects will give you the right technical foundations for growth in both consumer and enterprise applications.
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    Real-Time Retail Intelligence and Sales Force Management Solution
    Incorporating the best practices from some of the largest and most successful FMCG brands in the world, we have created AERIAL, a best-in-class Retail Intelligence and sales force management solution for retailers and product distributors.
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    Enhance Corporate and Marketing Communications
    We understand that Knowledge Management and Sharing is crucial to stay ahead in the modern economy. To help you better manage your vast portfolio effectively and communicate insights succinctly, we have developed ProShare, a knowledge management and sharing platform especially pertinent for project-based firms.

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